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Yeah! you deserve healthy food, and food even deserves you!

How hard you are working, chasing, and running in this busy world.

The way you are taking care of your family, career, studies, struggles, etc. Don’t you need a good life or a better life that your soul wants to be!

There are numerous ways to lead your life in your own way to make you feel glad

Generally, I think Food! yeah food can be your soulful way to make you feel pleasant or joyful

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.”

― Virginia Woolf, A Roo

Indeed, if you actually think about it, food is necessary for survival. There are different reasons why we eat, but for the most part, we eat to survive or to live. The typical human consumes food for six main reasons.

  • For Peak Performance Energy
  • For Growth & Function
  • For Cleansing
  • For Prevention & Fighting Disease
  • For Maintaining Our External Shell
  • For Social Situations & Enjoyment


The human body is just like a machine. For healthy growth, development, and energy, food is a necessary requirement for every human organism.

And the thing I want to say is that while eating is okay, the crazy thing about this situation is what we are eating.

Alright! Make sure that you are consuming the wealthy and healthy food

You can’t enjoy wealth if you’re not in good health

You can deal with fit or you can deal with fat

Life is too short for boring food! Lol, dude, It’s quite crazy that you all might get bored when I am about to give you some healthy tips.

Let me give you a healthy treat not only a healthy one but also comprises of soul and love.



VATTILE-A cuisine, freshly cooked home food of scrumptious and authentic variety to serve you with your favorite dishes full of flavors and spices.

They provide nutritious, home-cooked meals. Working professionals, bachelors, pregnant ladies, women with infants, and those with allergic problems will all benefit from their nutritious home foods.

Their uniqueness

Just a click and They are one call away to treat your taste buds! Your favorite foods are now happy to give you a home visit ! Yeah, they are providing Home delivery services with hot boxes.

Give your Soul a healthy treat!

Dont let the good change to be get off

While dining out is a convenient way to avoid cooking, some restaurant dishes are high in salt, sugar, and fat.

According to a recent study, people who dine out twice or more per day have a higher risk of dying young than those who eat out less than once per week.

You do not need to be concerned; instead, They are here to provide you with organic food so that you can avoid cooking and focus on your responsibilities.

Exclusive food items
  • Vatha Kuzhambu

Their vatha kulambu has a history of 100 years of secret recipes made with Chinna vengayam, thakkali, sun-dried vathals, and finally with the touch of our traditional home-made masala.

  • Akkaravadisal

Akkaravadisal! It is a blended combination of pacharisi, paasi paruppu, milk, vellam, and overloaded ghee, which will tempt your nose first before your taste buds feel the melting magic.

  • Biryani

It’s aroma and taste that transports you to food heaven! Seeraga samba rice lends a unique flavor and aroma to the biryani, making every bite you dig into pure culinary joy. The vattile always welcomes you to give your tongue a treat!

  • Vellai Paniyaram

 To taste the heavenly, delicious Vellai paniyaaram made by frying rice and urad batter dollops. Vattile will be the best one!

“Our taste will make you lick your fingers and make your eyes expect the next meal on the doorstep” – VATTILE

They are delighted to provide home-cooked, nutritious food.You can trust that by subscribing to them, Vattile will act as the best choice for your health concerns.

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