Top 10 Mac Games to play in 2022

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Here we have a Top 10 Mac Games to play in 2022.

10. Baldur’s Gate III

Baldur’s Gate III is a role-playing video game that offers both a single-player and cooperative multiplayer element. Players can create one or more characters and form a party along with computer-generated characters to explore the game’s story. Optionally, players will be able to take one of their characters and team up online with other players to form a party. Unlike previous games in the Baldur’s Gate series, Baldur’s Gate III has turn-based combat, similar to Larian’s earlier games Divinity: Original Sin and Divinity: Original Sin II.

9. Prodeus

The developers describe Proteus as “the first-person shooter of old, re-imagined using modern rendering techniques.” The gameplay resembles that of classic 1990s first-person shooters such as Doom and Quake. The player must explore complex levels, sometimes searching out keys to progress, while engaging enemies in fast-paced combat using a variety of weapons. To help the player find their way, and to aid in discovering secrets, the game features an automap similar in function to those featured in games such as Doom, Duke Nukem 3D, and Metroid Prime.

8. Griftlands

Griftlands is a roguelike deck-building game with elements of role-playing and digital card games. The player starts a game by selecting one of the predefined characters, each a mercenary seeking fame and fortune in a planetary world that is home to an antagonistic peacekeeper body, pirates, and dangerous creatures. While the layout of the world is the same in each game, the events, missions, and other elements within it are procedurally generated on starting a new game.

7. Arcade game

An arcade game or coin-op game is a coin-operated entertainment machine typically installed in public businesses such as restaurants, bars, and amusement arcades. Most arcade games are presented as primary games of skill and include arcade video games, pinball machines, electro-mechanical games, redemption games, or merchandisers.

6. Path of Exile

The player controls a single character from an overhead perspective and explores large outdoor areas and caves or dungeons, battling monsters and fulfilling quests from non-player characters (NPCs) to gain experience points and equipment. The game borrows heavily from the Diablo series, particularly Diablo II. All areas aside from the central encampments are randomly generated for increased re-playability. While all players on a single server can freely mingle in encampments, gameplay outside of encampments is highly instanced, providing every player or party with an isolated map to freely explore.

5. Transport Fever 2

Like the series’ previous games, Transport Fever 2 still focuses on the transport revolution of the past seventeen decades. However, the campaign mode rewrites the transport history in comparison to Transport Fever and takes place across three different continents. The game also features a sandbox mode, a map editor, and mod tools.

4. Devotion

The game is an adventure game, where the player explores the apartment complex where Feng Yu and his family live. In certain sections, the player can also play as Mei Shin. Devotion is composed of different levels which each represent a different year, which can be freely switched between through the lobby. The player can interact with different objects examine them, and read letters and diaries scattered around the home. Players can add certain items to their inventory, which can be used to solve puzzles which often require items from different time periods.

3. Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is an action-adventure game played from a third-person perspective; players take on the role of Lara Croft as she explores environments across the continents of Central and South America. In addition to standalone areas, the game has a large hub in the Hidden City of Paititi. A new barter system allows players to trade and sell various resources gathered from the areas surrounding Paititi.

2. Hades

The player takes the role of Zagreus, the prince of the Underworld, who is trying to escape the realm to get away from his dispassionate father, Hades, and reach Mount Olympus. His quest is supported by the other Olympians, who grant him gifts to help fight the beings that protect the exit from the Underworld. He is also helped on his quest by notorious residents of the Underworld, such as Sisyphus, Eurydice, or Patroclus. The game features four “biomes”, or locales of the underworld: Tartarus, Asphodel, Elysium, and the Temple of Styx.

1. Metro Exodus

Metro Exodus is a first-person shooter game with survival horror and stealth elements. Set in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the former Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, the player must cope with the new hazards and engage in combat against mutated creatures as well as hostile humans. The player wields an arsenal of hand-made weaponry which can be customised through scavenging materials and a crafting system. The game features a mixture of linear levels and sandbox environments. It also includes a dynamic weather system, a day-night cycle, and environments that change along with the seasons as the story progresses. It is set over the course of one whole in-game year.

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