Some cool gadgets you need to become a hacker

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Well, While we can technically say that all you need to learn hacking is only a laptop with Linux installed in it, there are still some cool gadgets that would improve your overall hacking experience. In this blog, we will some of such gadgets.

A decent laptop

It is obvious that any hacking needs a pretty decent laptop to execute. While any basic laptop will do the job for us, getting a decent one really helps us by providing speed and some other cool features which will make our life easier

Raspberry Pi

The raspberry pi is one of the cool inventions, which really saw a lot of applications in recent years, being a microprocessor, capable of providing a decent amount of power considering its size.

Even in hacking, the pi has a lot of applications, and since it is tiny enough, users can carry it to places that laptops can’t

Network card

An external network card is a must if you need want to practice network penetration testing, as the inbuilt network card that comes within the laptop, to put in the less complicated words, less powerful.

While purchasing a network card one need to make sure that the card supports both monitor mode and packet injection

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