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Wait., what? 25 percentage wiped out from the whole value of FACEBOOK in just within a day! Question may rise what happens? Let ‘s see

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, the owner -Head of Facebook, as a result of this loss, 29billion American dollars had been wipe out from his total wealth. Because of that he had left from the world’s top ten richest persons list.

It’s not easy to lose 25% of your whole value in a single day. What caused this to happen, and what will be the cause of Facebook’s demise?


  • World’s biggest companies always presents themselves publicly in market, if that company runs successfully people will start to put share in that company, the company value increases as well as if the company failed in their performance share will go off, value will also decrease. Like that, Facebook was started and evolving for 18 years, for the first time Facebook lost its huge user number. Because, Facebook, it attained the saturation level, particular age people used to use Facebook and that age users are being death (old age people), and some of them are quitting Facebook.
  • How Facebook earn money? Facebook makes a lot of money by recommending adverts to users. This is done by tracking users’ preferences and what they are looking for. Apple recently released an update, stating that because Apple is a usually secure corporation, no app can monitor you when you are using another apathic is something that most people will agree on.

This causes an issue for Facebook, as they are unable to display your precise advertisements as a result of this. This resulted in a decrease in revenue.

  • As a result, advertisers are shifting their focus to Google AdWords, which Google is leveraging and promoting extensively…
  • TIK TOK- you may be aware of how this causes a revolution. Rather than Facebook, in TIKTOK any information or thing will be communicated solely through video. As a result, advertisers shifted their attention to TIK TOK.

Totally, Facebook had lost 230 American billion dollar and Mark Zuckerberg had lost 29 billion dollars and had left from the the world’s top 10 richest persons list, in just within a day.

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