How to hack a facebook account

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So, we have all been there trying to hack our friend’s Facebook account. In this particular post, we will see why it is impossible to hack a person’s Facebook account. 

Step 1: hacking the server

 the first step for getting detail is trying to hack the database of Facebook which itself is nearly impossible to hack. 

The reason is that Facebook has some of the best security engineers among them and they won’t leave any bugs that easily on the server which will let a person to get access to it. Also, Facebook have a very large and active bug bounty program with a huge amount of money being offered for every successful bug found in a grey hat way. This enables a lot of cyber security enthusiasts to keep of trying to find bugs on Facebook and reporting them in exchange for a good amount so that Facebook can fix that that particular vulnerability. 


Step 2: getting the password from the server

Ok let’s assume that you somehow managed to get access to the server and the database of Facebook, now what? well it is now when things are going to get complicated. So, when a person sees the password section of Facebook, he can see that the password is stored as hash instead.  

well, the hash is encrypted using a specific algorithm. The only way to crack that password is using a specific key that is unique to that particular hashed password  

thing’s like brute force or dictionary attacks can be performed, but it would take a lot of time to figure out the password if that particular password is complicated. 

that’s why we should never create any common password and make sure that our password is unique and complicated as possible. 

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