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Asteroids are the celestial bodies in the solar system. They are composed of rocks of silicon and clay substances. It comprises a belt in the region of the solar system to seperate the planets as inner and outer planets. The astroid belt is between the orbits of Mars (the red planet) and Jupiter (the gas planet). It forms due to the gravitational pull of Jupiter and Mars, they are formed from primordial solar nebula as a group of protoplanets called Planetesimals.It is also called “minor planets.”


Comets are the astrological materials that orbit the solar system. The comets are the moving or orbiting asteroids, composed of rock, dust, and impure minerals that are frozen together. It is glowing or flashing due to sun rays in the space. Due to this condition, the comets are vibrant and visible to the eye in the sky. The comets are assumed to be indicators of the destructive phase of an empire or kingdom due to civil war. It was a superstition believed in ancient times.

“How bright and beautiful a comet is as it flies past our planet—provided it does fly past it”.

— Isaac Asimov


A green comet is a type of comet that appears green in color due to the presence of certain gases in its coma, which is the cloud of gas and dust that surrounds the comet’s nucleus. The most common gas that causes a comet to appear green is methane. Other gases that can cause a comet to appear green include cyanogen, which emits a greenish-blue color, and carbon monoxide, which emits a bluish-green color. These gases are often present in the coma of comets, but they are usually invisible to the naked eye because they are very diffuse.

Green comets are relatively rare, and only a few have been observed in recent history. One of the most famous green comets is Comet 21P/Giacobini-Zinner, which was discovered in 1900 and has a period of about 6.6 years. Another well-known green comet is Comet Lovejoy, which was discovered in 2011 and has a bright green coma. It comes after a long time of 50000 years (the Stone Age). Halley’s Comet is another periodic comet. Stellarium is an app that shows the live location of stars from the earth in the sky.

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