GB Whatsapp! Is it safe ?

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When it comes to the amount of users on a messaging network, WhatsApp is unrivalled.The chat app is the most frequently utilised of its kind in the globe, owing to the ease with which data can be shared. It isn’t flawless, like any other software, and users are continually asking for more.

GB WhatsApp is a modified or alternative version of WhatsApp. It is, in essence, a whole distinct software that must be downloaded via APK. That’s because GB WhatsApp isn’t available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.Third-party developers who wished to build on WhatsApp produced GB WhatsApp. 

As a result, it bears no resemblance to WhatsApp Inc. It’s worth noting that GB WhatsApp isn’t the only WhatsApp clone. It’s also not a brandnew app.Since a long time, the app has been available for both Android and iOS.

Its goal is to provide users with a WhatsApp like experience, but with additional functionality that the original WhatsApp lacks.

Dual WhatsApp accounts on the same device, concealed message ticks, Auto-reply (as seen on Whatsapp Business accounts),extended video status,and more are among these capabilities.

WhatsApp issues a cautionary statement about using it.

Because of the advantages listed above, people prefer to download the alternate version of Whatsapp rather than the regular Whatsapp. Whatsapp on the other hand, has repeatedly advised against the behaviour.

In January of 2019, WhatsApp began temporarily banning accounts that were discovered to be linked to the use of GB  WhatsApp. 

It issued a warning to users, indicating that anyone caught using a “unsupported version of  WhatsApp” will be banned from the official app for a period of time.

It also stated that if users do not switch to the official app after being temporarily suspended, their  account “may be permanently suspended from using WhatsApp.”

WhatsApp expressly mentioned in the warning that such unapproved apps are created by third parties and breach its Terms of Service. It stated that it cannot “verify their security practises” and thus does not support certain third-party apps.

Use of GB WhatsApp can be dangerous.

  • As with the original WhatsApp version, there are no security checks in place, and because apps like GB WhatsApp work in its name, WhatsApp protects users from being a victim of privacy violation through the usage of such apps.
  • Furthermore, it has been mentioned on various occasions that several APK download URLs for GB WhatsApp have been found to be infected with spyware, putting users at risk.
  • For these security reasons, WhatsApp advises users to return to the original software, and it also adds.

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