Dubai-The Luxurious City

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As the people around the world are saying Dubai is the “Manmade Heaven on Earth”. Do you agree that this heaven on Earth had been as fishermen residence village more than three decades ago? Now let us explore the reason for the tremendous growth of Dubai.

Dubai in the 19th Century

Dubai was just a desert. The city had been a fishermen resident village, their main occupation at that time was pearl Extraction and Trading, even though it was a long-term occupation the profits were not enough to keep the country sustainable, So the country had been under poverty. On the other hand, oil was discovered just over 50 years ago, however it barely contributes for 1% of the country’s earnings.

Dubai’s tremendous growth

The world’s biggest mall, tallest building, artificial islands, underwater hotel, 7-star hotels, underwater tennis court, underwater bridge, humongous cranes, one of the top tourist spots in the world moreover, one of the most amazing airports experience you will ever have. Where are all of these located? You guessed it right! yes, it is Dubai.

Let us know about two important features below,

  •   Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

The building that is most talked about – The Burj Khalifa. It is the world’s tallest building with around 163 floors and a height of 828 metres. This enormous building is owned by Enmaar Properties. Staying at the one of the hotels in the Burj Khalifa isn’t cheap.

The Burj Khalifa is also the world’s tallest freestanding construction, has the world’s greatest number floors, the world’s highest occupied floor, the world’s highest outdoor observation deck, the world’s longest elevator distance travel and the world’s tallest service elevator.

  • Palm Jumeirah
Artificial island-Palm Jumeirah

     The world’s best artificial island – The Palm Jumeirah. The total area of this island is 5.72 square kilometre and its maximum length is around 5 kilometres. Constructions of the palm shaped island began in 2001. Palm Jumeirah was constructed entirely out of sand and rocks (no concrete or steel was used) this was done on the instruction of the ruler of Dubai, who was the one who came up with the concept and design for the palm islands.   

Once a upon a time, A city which faced poverty is now the most talked city in the world, with the world’s best infrastructure and one of the richest countries. but how? Let’s find out.

The cause for the country’s incredible growth

The main cause for the countries development or degradation depends on its rulers. Similarly at the time of Dubai’s development, the ruler Mohamad Bin’s father visits other countries frequently and had the thought of changing Dubai like other popular countries. Every country has its own strength likewise he planned to make Dubai’s strength as a tourist-based country. For that reason, they started to execute establishments which we will see down below.

  • Tax free – big companies started to develop their business in Dubai
  • Rent Free – population increased
  • Non-citizens are allowed to buy land in Dubai
  • Without relying solely on the revenue from oil, using their oil profits, they began to develop the country’s infrastructure.
  • Despite the fact Dubai was a desert, water possesses a significant role in the development in the country’s infrastructure.
  • Successfully after a few years of research, they found that there was water concealed a few kilometers beneath the surface.
  • They gave effective safety measures for woman and had heavy punishments for the wrongdoings.
  • Mutual growth among the government and labors as well as the citizens.

Future plans of Dubai

Climate controlled city

They have planned to create a climate-controlled city that spans 6 Kilometers and will be completely enhanced in a dome which itself contains malls, hospitals, schools, apartments, theatres, etc..

This is how Dubai progresses from a barren dessert to an opulent nation with a Thriving Tourism Industry. Do you want more interesting blogs like these? Follow our page to stay up to date.

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