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What is Beach bot?


Did you know a beach bot cleaning up a cigarette butt on the beach!! It a quite Curious Right!

Beach policy of beauty is…

The sky above, Sand below, Peace within! but nowadays sky above, garbage below and peaceless.

In recent years, there has been increased attention on the possible impact of future robotics and AI systems. An AI beach buggy named BeachBot has a very specific mission: cleaning up after smokers.

Let’s Discuss the Uber work done by Edwin Bos together with Martijn Lukaart.

A map on the way to beachBot blog!!!
  • “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”
  • Disturbance of Frockling
  • Bos’s idea with Martijn partnership!
  • AI-Based Beach bot
  • Garbage Collection
  • Advantages
  • Wireless communication
  • Conclusion


No one wishes to live in a dirty environment. Yeah! as the above proverb reveals that. Everyone wishes to live in a pleasant, elegant, and smokeless environment. That provides us from dreadful disease and let us live a healthy life! Beach is the place where we can Speak to our soul peacefully. Nowadays as the population increases, the number of polluting garbages which litter the world also increases. Up-to-date cleaning of beaches with less manpower is not possible. It takes a large number of volunteers and manpower to keep clean the beach as well as the environment. Here comes the role of devices like our beach bots that automates the entire cleaning process.


Once EdwinBos with his two small children went to Scheveningen Beach. His children were Frockling on the beach happily. But the beauty of the beach faded up just because of one tiny discovery named Cigarette butts. What happened exactly is his small child dug into the sand and raised his hand. It’s a Cigarette butt in his hand. As a Father Bos thought it is not a good thing! And also he thought he wants to find a way to solve this problem.


After two years Bos and his fellow entrepreneur Martijn built a mobile, beach cleaning the machine which spots the Cigarette buts and disposes of them properly. They named their prototype “BeachBot”. It is controlled wirelessly using an android application. To reduce manpower this bot is capable of collecting garbages in the beach environment. To collect the garbage intelligently this bot has a camera to detect it. High-efficiency tensor flow models are used to detect the garbage. Raspberry Pi is used to control the bot and other actions. To pick out only litter than stones this bot is trained to detect objects and differentiate between stones and litter. This bot works on four wheels on which each wheel has a motor associated with it. The bot is discovered with metal thin but durable metal sheets.


The beach bot uses AI technology to find cigarette butts and to pick them up. The AI-based detection algorithm was created by TechTics (a consultancy based in the Hague founded by bos and lukaart) and students from delft university of technology, who used “Microsoft’s trove” which is an app that connects AI developers with worldwide photo-takers which helps to recognize cigarette with millions of photos taken by them. ‘that’s the most interesting part– a human-robot interaction where the public can help make the robots smarter.BeachBot, an AI-powered robot that cleans cigarette butts at the beach.Machine learning-based- Beachbot should have some knowledge about the trash that pick-ups. Here the machine learning helps the robot to pick up and prevents from inflicting damages from other objects such as shells

Besides selectivity, machine learning also allows for more flexibility. power constraints and space make it harder to make the robot smart. The robot uses specialized hardware running efficient implementations to solve this. To support cloud computation, the implementations will be allowed for future iterations.


The robot can move in 3D space with its gripper. In this two motors are fixed to the frame that allows the movement in two directions (up/down and right/left) which is facilitated by the Cartesian movement system.


  • It is very stable.
  • It allows the design of a lightweight frame, light motors, low energy consumption, and easy control compared.


Wireless communication between the bot and the android application is done by using various wireless technologies. The raspberry pi hosts hotspot to which the nearest android application connects and control is given to the user with the smartphone. The webserver for the bot is created using cherrypy. cherrypy is a minimal python framework for building web applications. cherrypy can be installed by using pip(python package manager).


The increase in population has resulted in large gatherings of people at tourist spots like beaches. This leads to people littering these places a lot. Littering at beaches is becoming a tremendous problem these days and cleaning it has become a difficult job for a lot of NGOs.The use of the beach bot can help reduce the strain on such NGOs and can reduce a lot of manpower. While it’s incredible to see humans and machines working together, its goal is to spread awareness that littering should never be an option in the first place.

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