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Relationships are those characterized by feelings of love and attraction for another person. A willingness to prioritize another’s well-being or happiness above your own.

“The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is to LOVE and be loved”

The line between healthy and unhealthy relationships can be quickly crossed, and it may be difficult to define, even with signs that might seem obvious to others. 

Here’s how to recognize that you are in a toxic or abusive relationship!!!!!!!

1. Lack of trust 

A partner is someone for you to rely on, to be vulnerable with, and to have in your corner. In the absence of trust, none of these things are possible. 

“When I see people in a mostly healthy relationship, there is a security that they have in the stability in their relationship, “Without trust, and not just trust that their partner will be faithful, but trust that their partner will behave in the best interest of the agreements of the relationship, there cannot be a sense of security.

2. Hostile communication

  1. Yelling
  2. Name-calling or other hurtful phrases 
  3. Throwing and breaking things
  4. Using your body for physical intimidation or force
  5. The silent treatment

3. Controlling behaviors 

  • Telling you what’s right
  • Threatening to out you
  • Needing to know everything you do and who you’re with
  • Trying to manage your money
  • Secluding you from loved ones or always being present when you are with others

4. Frequent lying  

“Lies — no matter how small — erode credibility over time”

When a partner lies to you, it signals they don’t respect you as a mutual partner who deserves honesty and care. 

Lying to your partner indicates your allegiance is to yourself, not the relationship.

5. All take, no give

Being considerate of your partner is one thing, but if you find yourself saying no to yourself frequently to say yes to them, you might want to consider setting some boundaries. If they dismiss, belittle, or bulldoze your boundaries, that could also be a sign of a toxic relationship.

Is it possible to fix a toxic relationship?

“Love is what makes the ride worthwhile”

Many people assume toxic relationships are doomed, but that isn’t always a case.

The deciding factor? Both partners must want to change. If only one partner is invested in creating healthy patterns, there is unfortunately little likelihood that change will occur.

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