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In molecular biology, biochips are engineered substrates (“miniaturized laboratories”) that can host large numbers of simultaneous biochemical reactions. One of the goals of biochip technology is to efficiently screen large numbers of biological analytes, with potential applications ranging from disease diagnosis to detection of bioterrorism agents.

For example, 

digital microfluidic biochips are under investigation for applications in biomedical fields. In a digital microfluidic biochip, a group of (adjacent) cells in the microfluidic array can be configured to work as storage, functional operations, and transport fluid droplets dynamically.

How Does a Biochip Function ?


The biochip works by housing these cells in a small chamber encased in a biomembrane that allows cells to maintain contact with body fluids such as blood, and thus receive important signals from them. Housing cells in a chamber will keep them protected and prevent immune cells from attacking them.


  • They are very small in size and are powerful and faster.
  • It can perform thousands of biological reactions in a few seconds.
  • Biochip and help in various diseases.


  • They are expensive.
  • They can be fixed inside a human body even without their consent.
  • They can raise serious problems of individual privacy.


  • The biochip can be used for tracing any human being or animal anywhere in the world.
  • It can be used in various fields such as a BP sensor, oxygen sensor in the medical field.
  • Biochips can be used for storing his personal medical and financial information.

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