10 Ways to Make Yourself A Priority

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1. Stop saying “yes” to everyone. 

It’ll change your life. When you make decision of your own not letting others to interrupt in your way, you take back your power and become happier.

2. Trust your intuition. 

They’re there for a reason. If you feel that something which is not right for you and something which stops you, then stop, think about that and then proceed. If you disregard your own instincts, you’re not making yourself a priority

3. Take time to think about yourself.

think about yourself

It’s true. You are enough exactly as you are. Instead of trying to be more, take time to sit and think about yourself. Appreciate yourself. Appreciate your individuality. Celebrate it. It makes yourself fresh and makes you unique.

4. Nothing wrong in asking help.

Don’t be ashamed in asking help from othersThere is no shame in needing the assistance of others once in a while – and you’ll be amazed how ready people are to give it. It will be a good feel when you help others and you will feel the same when others help you.

5. Think before you answer.

Speak with thought and presence and it can save you a lot of grief in the long run. Before you agree to something or offer assistance, first make sure it’s coming from an authentic place. Otherwise you’ll end up resenting your own choice.

6. Do not allow others to make your decision.

You must have your own decision making skill ,don’t give way for others to take your own decision. Remember that, YOU ARE THE DRIVER OF YOUR OWN LIFE, DON’T LET ANYONE STEAL YOUR SEAT.

7. Happiness begets happiness. 

What you give returns back to you. It is like a boomerang. So, spread love you will return tons of love back. When you are making yourself a priority, your light shines through you – share the joy!

8. Tell yourself its OK to be selfish.

Selfish may come under negative meaning but it is ok to take care yourself first. Taking care of yourself is the first most important thing so, accept that first.

9. Being truthful to your limits. 

It’s okay to have boundaries! It’s actually really healthy, believe it or not! Don’t overwork yourself, overshare yourself with others, or exhaust yourself trying to make everyone happy. Not worth it.

10. Believe in yourself

Yes, easier said than done. You can start by making it a priority to work on getting to a place where you truly do believe in yourself. Every little step in the right direction helps.

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